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Congratulations! By entering this BizSmart website you have taken the first step in receiving insightful detailed instruction and information on entrepreneurship and small business training, primarily through the internet. In addition to learning the secrets of the business world, if you are a new or beginning entrepreneur, you will be able to complete a quality business plan that can be taken to your banker or investor for potential financing. If you are an existing entrepreneur you can use the information to help you sharpen your business skills and develop a strategic plan for the future of your business.

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BizSmart is a fully integrated web enhanced program. It contains 10 modules. These modules are patterned after a college entrepreneurship class, but at a common sense level with tools for the real world for business students of all levels. You will notice on this website that there are many tools available for the participant in the course. Some of these resources are available for your viewing on the website as a sample of the overall content of the BizSmart class:

  • Take one of several surveys to see if you have the entrepreneurship spirit.
  • Review the course narrative so see if your questions will be answered by taking the class.
  • In the library you will see the text books used in the course that can be rented or purchased. You will see several available rental sources.
  • Peruse a sample of videos designed to cover the business topics from the modules.
  • Link to many websites that will increase your business knowledge.
  • Read the blogs and comment on what you think about what is presented and what you think about the website content.
  • Watch for upcoming events on the events calendar.
  • Then sign up for the next class and notice the reasonable price of the course! Zions Bank is a great sponsor of business and will help reduce the price of the course.

BizSmart is a course in which the participants learn about entrepreneurship as they go through the 10 business modules. Participants first will meet with a local coach to start the class in a face-to-face meeting, where all class materials will be handed out. If that is not possible, the coach will guide them through the startup via the internet and the telephone in a form of distance learning so that all potential participants with computer access can become involved in the course no matter where they are located. At that point class materials will be mailed to their home.

As the participants proceed through the material in the 10 modules, at the rate of about one module per week, they will be engaged in reading assignments, learning activities, discussions, and writing assignments to build the business plan or strategic plan. These modules are supported by the facilitator/instructor who communicates with the participants via Blackboard Vista and Wimba video. Both of these tools will allow the facilitator to instruct you on the material as well as answer questions. Additionally, the facilitator may use other means such as the telephone, email or fax to be sure you understand the material.

Progress through the modules is supported by the local coach. The coach will be able to follow your progress in Blackboard. Furthermore, the online coordinator will follow the progress to be sure the participant does not get bogged down.

During the course there will be guest speakers who will expand on the material in the modules. Also, there will be approximately 35 videos in the class material that can be viewed to gain further depth on the subjects. There also 150 web links that can be viewed by the participants as well as downloadable resources.

This BizSmart course will be a true learning experience for each participant. The student will be a part of a unique opportunity to read, visualize, hear and touch the material. The best part is that you can replay it or review it at any time day or night.

We hope that you will seriously consider signing up for the next class. It is never too early to gain the skills required for the 21st century.


BizSMART’s start-of-the-art classes are surprisingly less expensive than competing courses

List price: $399

Scholarship: Thanks to a generous grant from Zions Bank, your upfront cost is only $279. Additionally, further support from Zions Bank allows us to provide a post-completion rebate of $120 if you successfully complete the course. This requires participation in all modules and submission of your completed business plan upon completion of the final module.

Thus, your net out-of-pocket cost after completion may be as low as only $159!

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win,
prepare to win, and expect to win.”

Zig Ziglar



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